Volare F01 - Flawless Coverage

Volare F01 - Flawless Coverage

If you want a flawless coverage without cakey or creases, Volare F01 foundation brush is a must-have. You can use Volare F01 brush for applying any liquid or cream products, including your primer and moisturizer. The bristles will not soak up the products but will help to diffuse the products evenly to your skin.

Volare F01 Foundation Brush

One of our favourite ways to use F01 brush is to contour. The size and shape is perfect for under the cheekbones. Also, the combination of goat hair and synthetic hair is just perfect to pickup the right amount of contour powder.

So why should you have Volare F01 brush?

  • create more even and flawless finish - no pulling or tugging the skin
  • use less foundation/makeup (compared to applying foundation with sponges)
  • less risk of getting oil/germs/bacteria from fingers to clog your pores. (don't forget to clean your brushes regularly)

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