About Us

VOLARE was founded in 2015 by Valensia Ng, a professional makeup artist and a stay-home mom, based in Vancouver, BC Canada. Being a stay-home mom, Valensia has not lost her passion in beauty and makeup. Beginning from 2013, she has been searching all over the continents to find the perfect makeup brushes that would meet her finest standards. In the process, she had the privileges of attending many beauty expos in Asia and North America as well as trying different brands of makeup brushes.

After two years of relentless searching, she finally found one traditional Japanese makeup brushes manufacturer that meets her criteria. She believes that she finally has the ‘one’ makeup brushes that she takes pride in to offer to all the makeup enthusiasts everywhere.

Thus, the birth of VOLARE

Vision and Mission

The literal meaning of VOLARE is “to fly”, {to soar high (Ita)}. The founder chooses the word “Volare” as she desires everyone to “dream big, embrace every challenge and make it happen.”

To provide every makeup enthusiast an opportunity to experience the finest quality of makeup brushes that brings their makeup experience to another level.

To provide only the finest quality makeup brushes to every makeup enthusiasts within reasonable price.