Product Care

We take pride of the quality of our makeup brushes. We believe our makeup brushes are excellent tools to help you creating your flawless, natural beauty. Please follow the instructions carefully to ensure the longevity of your makeup brushes:

Daily Care

Every time you have finished using your brushes, please tap off any excess powder on the bristles. If any residues still remain, gently wipe it off with a cloth or soft tissue. Make sure you rub the bristles gently to avoid damaging and shedding the hair.

When Cleaning Your Brushes:

Followings are recommended steps in deep cleaning your makeup brushes:

WASH: When the bristles start to load with makeup residue, gently wash them in lukewarm water. Dissolve a few pumps of liquid soap in the water and soak the bristles up to half way of the ferrule (metal part). Please make sure not to allow the ferrule to be left to soak in the water to avoid it from being loosened from the handle.

RINSE: Gently swirl the brush on the palm of your hand and gently squeeze the makeup residue. Rinse the bristle thoroughly.

DRY: When drying your brushes, gently squeeze any excess water with a towel and mould it back into its shape and lay it flat on a towel. Always store your brushes in a clean and dry environment.