How It Was Made

Choosing the Finest
Quality of Brush Hairs

We use only the finest quality of hairs to produce our makeup brushes. Our experienced craftsmen carefully selected the best quality hairs and removed any excess oil that trapped within. Then, the hairs are carefully combed through to get rid of any unwanted/damaged hairs.

Moulding the
Brush Head

Then, hairs are arranged into a special mold to be bundled together. We intentionally do not cut any hairs when shaping the bristles in order to retain the softness of the brush.

Assembling the
Ferrule and the Handle

The bristles (hairs) are inserted into a ferrule (metal part) and are glued together tightly to form a brush head. This brush head is joined and fitted to the handle to form the final brush.

Quality Control

Prior to the final packaging, every individual brush is carefully inspected in order to maintain the quality standard in alignment with our mission of delivering only the finest quality of brushes.